Web tools that can enhance your blogging skills

Commonly known as widgets, web tools or plug in options in blogging platforms have taken this task to a whole new level. Good content accompanied with an interactive blogging platform is the magic formula to generate traffic to your site and keep your readers engaged. Popular blog hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger etc have realized the growing demand for blogging as a profession as well as a hobby and have come up with exclusive tools that help the blogger make his blog page very appealing.

The template that you employ for your blog page sets the mood for your reader. A dull and drab looking background defeats the purpose of creating awareness about your blog. The template you use should be a mix of different elements although the element that gets highlighted the most should be in accordance to the content of your blog page. A casual visitor to your page will become a loyal reader only when you keep his aesthetic needs in mind while designing your blog site. For this you don’t need a tech expert as most of the blog hosting sites mentioned above offer free templates.

Now coming to the add-ons, basically these are interactive tools that enable your readers to spend more time on your blog page. You can equip your page with an email plug-in option using which your readers can shoot a mail to you without logging into their private account, copying your address and then mailing to you. With a built in mail option getting feedback about your blog can be much easier and faster.

A more advanced social networking plug-in launched by Google known as ‘friend connect’ helps readers interact with each other and you at a more personal level. Similarly, readers who would like to subscribe to your blog can opt for the service by making use of the RSS feeds option. There are so many tools out there that you can make use of them for enhancing your chances of making a lasting impression in the blog world and communicating better with your readers.

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The networking side of blogging

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Social networking and blogging are like bee to a honey comb. They are both big on the internet and surprisingly they are very closely related with each other. If one has the habit of socializing on the internet then he will be a part of a social networking site and these days this habit has become more of an obsession with more and more people finding joy in maintaining a virtual network of friends. Networking is no longer confined to exchanging pleasantries, posting photos and casual chatting, it has now grown bigger by accommodating blogging which gives the whole proposition a marketing angle.

This attempt of potential bloggers gouging for monetary benefits through social networking sites has given birth to the concept of social media marketing. Let us take an example here so that you understand the prospect more closely. Assume that you are member of a networking site and within that site, you are part of a community. It is only obvious that you have a group of friends who are like minded i.e. take interest in the same issue as you do. Community members have this innate feeling of brotherhood and they always tend to create a cult for a cause they strongly believe in. When you write for a blog, you can use this exact sentiment to earn money for you.

If you post a URL of your blog on your community page, it is very likely that your community members will check out your blog as they know that they will find something interesting on your page. And when more and more members start visiting your page the traffic on your site goes up by leaps and bounds. This is where you get a chance to maximize your money earning potential. With increased traffic you will be able to attain a higher page rank on popular search engines. Companies looking to promote their products or services online will approach you for advertising space on your blog page. By giving out space, you can charge them and for every such client you can earn a handsome amount!

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The do’s and don’ts of blogging

Blogging is like wild fire on the internet, it is catching up fast and there are more and more bloggers hitting it off with their writing skills online. If all this has got you excited about blogging and if you are also contemplating taking the plunge please go ahead because there will never be a better time than now for you to quench your thirst for writing. Remember blogging is like a coin, there is a flip side too. If you do it right there is nothing like it but if you don’t you can end up falling flat on your face. To help you out with the right recipe to writing interesting and engaging blogs, here is a snapshot of what to do and what not to do.

Let’s first begin with the don’ts:

  • Making money online with the help of blogs is a good idea but if you want people to like your blog, don’t let making money be the only goal.
  • Don’t turn your blog space into a dumping ground for promotional content. You can write about your products but don’t make the blog post sound like you are desperate to sell the product.
  • Don’t impose opinions or your views on the readers. Give them the space to come to their own conclusions. Keep the blog interactive and not a monologue affair.

And we have kept the best part for the end and that is the do’s of blogging!

  • If you are serious about blogging, make posts regular. Show your readers that you are consistent in what you do.
  • If your blog is a part of your marketing strategy, research your target audience well. Place the right keywords in the right places and link your blog to your homepage.
  • Maintain a similar style of writing all throughout. This will avoid any kind of confusion among your readers and will help them relate with the content.

All in all your blog should be a place where your reader can have a good time. Posting photos, videos and audio clips will help keep your blog page alive and inviting.

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Professional Blogging Tips

Professional blogging has been making waves in the online community of bloggers. People who share a passion for writing have realized that they can actually make money on the internet by using their writing skills. Writing is an art that has to be developed in gradual stages. It does not happen overnight unless you are naturally gifted. Blogging is not a tough task to do, it takes a little bit of honing of writing skills, dedication and commitment. If you have these, you can very well become a professional blogger. However as every job needs its share of understanding, there are some things that will help you become better at it.

For a blogger who is willing to take the plunge and prove himself in the field of blogging one thing is imperative and that is seriousness towards the profession. It is a known fact that if you choose blogging as your profession you can enjoy the liberty of working at your convenience. You can have flexible work hours, take up part time assignments and even consider the option of working as a freelancer. The nature of the work does not need you to confine yourself to an office space and work a given number of hours. That said, you cannot afford to take the profession lightly. Your readers should get a feeling that you are very serious about what you are writing and that you mean every word you write. This will also help in establishing your credibility as a writer. Regular posts and updates on your blog is an indication that you are consistent in your work.

Professional blogging also has a lot to do with possessing knowledge about the issue you are addressing. Writing content that is generic does not receive appreciation and in the long run also becomes obsolete. So to make an impact you have to carve your own niche. Does not matter if the topic you choose is old school as long as it is relevant to your set of target group, your blog content will create interest among your readers. Indinavir 400mg

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Maintaining a business blog as a tool for your sales website

It is commonplace to find companies promoting their products through their websites. Setting up a business blog is fairly a new practice but is catching up fast as it offers the same solutions of marketing at a more cost-effective price. Lead generation is probably one of the most important aspects that drives a business. There is so much that is done in this regard like making sales calls, engaging an affiliate marketer etc. These activities are great to have as a part of marketing strategy but they have a bearing on the reputation and budgetary boundaries of the company.

People dread receiving sales calls. Nobody has the time to listen to your promotional message on the phone and coming to emails, many customers disregard it even before reading it. This involves spending money but if half of your customer base seems disinterested what is the fun? Similarly when you engage middle men, you have no control on what kind of means they use to generate leads. You cannot base your business goals on assumptions and cannot afford to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising.

The simple solution to this problem is creating a business blog. Linking your blog page to your website is an ideal scenario as you manage to let the customers know about the product and in the attempt also increase traffic to your home page. Blogs are great to convince a customer because you are not the only person speaking about your product, you will also have the support of other customers who have found your product to be useful.

If the content you post on your blog page interests the customer it is most likely that he will also click on the link leading to your website and know more about you. In the process he will get to check out other products and services that you have to offer and also get an idea about the kind of benefits you can offer to him as opposed to other companies in the market.

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