Web tools that can enhance your blogging skills

Commonly known as widgets, web tools or plug in options in blogging platforms have taken this task to a whole new level. Good content accompanied with an interactive blogging platform is the magic formula to generate traffic to your site and keep your readers engaged. Popular blog hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger etc have realized the growing demand for blogging as a profession as well as a hobby and have come up with exclusive tools that help the blogger make his blog page very appealing.

The template that you employ for your blog page sets the mood for your reader. A dull and drab looking background defeats the purpose of creating awareness about your blog. The template you use should be a mix of different elements although the element that gets highlighted the most should be in accordance to the content of your blog page. A casual visitor to your page will become a loyal reader only when you keep his aesthetic needs in mind while designing your blog site. For this you don’t need a tech expert as most of the blog hosting sites mentioned above offer free templates.

Now coming to the add-ons, basically these are interactive tools that enable your readers to spend more time on your blog page. You can equip your page with an email plug-in option using which your readers can shoot a mail to you without logging into their private account, copying your address and then mailing to you. With a built in mail option getting feedback about your blog can be much easier and faster.

A more advanced social networking plug-in launched by Google known as ‘friend connect’ helps readers interact with each other and you at a more personal level. Similarly, readers who would like to subscribe to your blog can opt for the service by making use of the RSS feeds option. There are so many tools out there that you can make use of them for enhancing your chances of making a lasting impression in the blog world and communicating better with your readers.

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