Maintaining a business blog as a tool for your sales website

It is commonplace to find companies promoting their products through their websites. Setting up a business blog is fairly a new practice but is catching up fast as it offers the same solutions of marketing at a more cost-effective price. Lead generation is probably one of the most important aspects that drives a business. There is so much that is done in this regard like making sales calls, engaging an affiliate marketer etc. These activities are great to have as a part of marketing strategy but they have a bearing on the reputation and budgetary boundaries of the company.

People dread receiving sales calls. Nobody has the time to listen to your promotional message on the phone and coming to emails, many customers disregard it even before reading it. This involves spending money but if half of your customer base seems disinterested what is the fun? Similarly when you engage middle men, you have no control on what kind of means they use to generate leads. You cannot base your business goals on assumptions and cannot afford to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on advertising.

The simple solution to this problem is creating a business blog. Linking your blog page to your website is an ideal scenario as you manage to let the customers know about the product and in the attempt also increase traffic to your home page. Blogs are great to convince a customer because you are not the only person speaking about your product, you will also have the support of other customers who have found your product to be useful.

If the content you post on your blog page interests the customer it is most likely that he will also click on the link leading to your website and know more about you. In the process he will get to check out other products and services that you have to offer and also get an idea about the kind of benefits you can offer to him as opposed to other companies in the market.

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