Don’t forget the simple rule when blogging!

Blogging is great, blogging is cool, but if it lacks information it falls flat. That’s right! One simple rule to blogging is ‘offer something useful to your readers’. If you follow this rule, it can take you places, quite literally! Blogging started off as a hobby for many people but what made it so popular is its ability to bring about a change through words, however small the change is. Words have the power to move the world and blogging is a testament to this fact. Now you may be wondering if you want to maintain a blog to let your family and friends know what is going on in your life, how you can offer something useful with that. Useful does not necessarily mean information in the form of data, numbers, headlines or anything of that sort.

To illustrate this better, let us say you posted on your blog that you baked a cake for the first time and it was a very proud moment for you. What your readers can gather from this is nothing much but just that you baked a cake, it is not information that they can make use of but instead if you say you baked a cake and also post details about the recipe, that makes the proposition interesting, interactive and also adheres to the rule we talked about earlier. Another aspect where bloggers usually lose track of what they are trying to say is by subjecting their audience to information overload. For many readers, reading blog posts is a way to bust stress; but instead if your blog seems to crowd their thoughts, then the purpose is defeated.

This rule is actually an extension to the former and that is ‘offer something useful in a crisp manner’. Create an environment where your audience enjoys your posts and not dread reading them. Keep your content to the point as doing so not only makes your readers feel at ease but it is actually a great way to help them retain information.

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