Writing a Post a Day for 30 Days?

As you know by now, your blog is like an online journal that you maintain to share information with friends, families, business associates etc. The idea of maintaining a journal makes sense only when you take time to write every day, the same is the case with a blog. There are two ways of looking at the advantages of writing a post each day. First let us see what this approach can do for a newbie. Blogging can benefit you immensely only when you take it seriously. It is a form of art and also has logic to it. It takes a lot of planning, pruning writing skills, and most of all dedication. For all those who thought blogging is just a hobby, then you are living in your world! Contributing everyday to your blog is the best way to not lose focus. Obviously you have started your blog with a purpose and so the plan is to fulfill the purpose. If you are not sure why you are doing it, then it is better you use your time doing something else.

This often happens with bloggers and that is, one day there is a burst of excitement and they end up writing a lot; and one day, they just don’t feel like it. Creativity is something that flows out from within. But remember, just like everything else, it is a skill that needs to be sharpened and you have to make conscious efforts to keep the creative juices flowing. Once you take up blogging religiously you will see yourself getting better at it and this is a never ending process. Nothing seems to be good enough and you keep challenging yourself, which is a very healthy way to grow as a writer.

And now coming to the second part, one post a day tells people reading your blog that you are serious about it. They don’t write you off as someone who woke up one day and realized he wants to blog and forgot about it later. They visit your blog everyday expecting to see something new and this makes way for your own base of loyal readers.

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