10 Blog Writing Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Bloggers are always on the look out for new tips – whether you’re just setting up or an experienced blogger, hopefully you will find the following tips valuable.

1. Don’t set yourself up for failure by blogging to often when first starting out. Many bloggers begin too enthusiastically, often posting several times a day but find when the blog begins to gain popularity it is impossible to keep up with this schedule. Devise a reasonable posting schedule you won’t find too much of a strain six months down the line and stick to it.

2. Blogs are not overnight money machines. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start building an online presence, and the excellent content management systems such as WordPress mean even the most inexperienced people can start a blog. But it takes time to build a readership to a level where you can sell advertising and promote products. It is unlikely a blog will make anything significant until it has been online for around 6 – 12 months.

3. It might be great to provide your visitors with a quick means to share your content, but don’t overdo it. Some blogs are so full of ‘share it’ buttons, the content is lost!

4. Reply to comments, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to reply every time someone thanks you for the post. These comments can be replied to generically every 4 or 5 comments.

5. If someone leaves an interesting comment, rather than just replying repurpose it into a new post! This gives you fast content and you know your readers are interested in the topic.

6. Finish your posts with a question. This invites responses and greater interaction on your blog.

7. Consider buying a premium theme. You want your blog to appear unique, and jump of the screen at the visitor when he lands, not to look identical to millions of others out there.

8. Visit problogger’s sites. See how they interact with visitors and build relationships with other bloggers. Also note how they monetize their blogs.

9. Write about what you know. If you can’t stand golf, pretending to be interested in the big tournament is a no-no – people will see through you!

10. Keep clutter to a minimum, not only do too many ads cause ad blindness, but unnecessary content is also uncalled for. Remember web users have notoriously short attention spans, and all content should be valuable and relevant.

Do you have any useful blogging tips? Please feel free to enter them below.

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13 Responses to 10 Blog Writing Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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