SEO Tips – Optimizing Every Part of the Page

Most webmasters know they should have a keyword focused title on every page of a site, and that the main keyword should figure in the content of posts or pages, but many ignore the rest of the page, and therefore are losing rank and visitors.

Implement the following five tips to all your web pages and watch them rise in the rankings.

1. The most obvious but often overlooked method of getting your site to the top of the rankings and keeping it there is write very ‘linkable’ content that people want to share. Generic content that is thrown together or rewritten from an ezinearticle isn’t going to cut it.

2. Using a title attribute will give your readers (and the search engines) a better idea of where they will land when they click on it. It also makes the page accessible for those who are visually impaired – blind people can navigate to your site by using a custom browser that will read title and alt attributes.

3. Similarly, you should save your images file names. For example, if your keyword phrase is “English Bulldogs” you’ll want to save the images used on that page as English-bulldog-01.jpg or english_bulldog_2.jpg (either will work).

4. All images should have alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them. This is the text that a surfer sees when passing the mouse over an image. It is also the text that can be read by search engines.

5. Link to relevant posts on other sites. The internet is known as the World Wide Web for a reason. Many site owners don’t like to link to other sites in the fear they will lose visitors, but the opposite is true. If you provide relevant links for your readers, they will love you for it, and it will increase you SE rankings.

For more tips on how to improve your website SEO take a look at this SEO Starter Guide from Google.

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