Creating Effective Landing Pages

A landing page is the page a visitor will land on after clicking an on an ad to your site or another type of promotional link or image.

Also commonly known as a lead capture page or a ‘squeeze page,’ a landing page focuses on specifically capturing leads for a newsletter or making a sale for a product. It usually doesn’t give the reader other options; it focuses on a singular goal of action.

So what are the elements of a successful landing page that gets the email address or the sale?

An effective landing page consists of 5 crucial elements:

A Teaser
Before the main headline a pre-headline or teaser should be used. The teaser is the bit of text that goes before the main headline on a landing page, found at the top left. It’s an introduction to the sales copy or to the main headline and is used to intrigue prospects and pull them into the main headline.

A Headline
The headline is going to be the first thing the majority of people will see when they land on your squeeze page. The sole purpose of the headline is to get people interested enough to keep reading and pull them into the rest of the copy.

Several Benefit Oriented Bullet Points
When used in copywriting, bullets are like little benefit oriented mini headlines. They shouldn’t talk about the features of the product, but the benefits. Benefits are what appeal to emotions and emotions are what make the sale.

People who are looking for a pillow don’t want a pillow. They want to be comfortable and sleep well. A buyer always wants to know what a product will do for them.

The Offer
Your offer is the most important part of the landing page. It’s a combination of what you have to give them, and how you present it. You should present your offer by building upon the perceived value and having a strong call to action.

A Conclusion
The conclusion of a landing page is also important. Is should consist of a line below opt-in box or sale button offering additional encouragement to complete the action, and reaffirm why this is an offer that simply can’t be passed up, and why people should take advantage of it immediately.

You might think once you have set up a landing page which contains all the necessary elements your job is done – but think again! A landing page will never be entirely finished, as it should be continually tested against other variations, a simple tweak such as changing a word from lower to uppercase can seriously increase your conversions, so test, test and test some more!

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