How to Increase Credibility on the Web by Writing Review Articles

Results form a recent 2010 survey show that at least 50% of shoppers will conduct online research prior to making a purchase.

Of the researchers, 57% of shoppers trust customer reviews as a reliable research source but 35% question whether customer reviews are biased.

Factors that degrade trust in reviews suggest that 50% do not provide enough reviews to make an educated decision, 39% doubt they are written by real customers, and 38% said a lack of negative reviews or limited information.

Therefore, when writing a review article it is important to take this data into consideration. What it translates to is a potential buyer is very likely to look online for a review written by a genuine customer, but your prospect is likely to be quite skeptical and scan your article for proof that it is a genuine review. Your review should contain features of the product, and as well as exalting the benefits, should also point out the cons.

Once you have mastered the art of writing effective review articles, you will find them to be a valuable resource for your blog or website.

Reviews are sought out and they are useful. They will increase your income, visitors will spend time on your site, and when they trust you as a reviewer are likely to come back looking for more, which can help increase credibility and eventually lead to authority status in your niche.

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