What is Copywriting all about and Why do You Need This?

Copywriting is the art of using written words to get the reader to carry out a precise action. Online this is usually to buy a product, or sometimes to subscribe to a newsletter or other service.

Although the word is sometimes misused, and replaced for describing general content writers, copywriting is a highly skilled art that usually takes years to perfect.

You can have the best product in the marketplace, but without skilled copy you are unlikely to achieve your desired sales.

A copywriter will usually work for an ad agency, (think Madison Avenue) or a marketing firm. More rarely some work exclusively for one company and many others freelance – working on a project for one company or business before moving on to the next client.

Although hiring a good copy writer is certainly possible, the top players in the field are usually booked for months in advance, and will charge you a small fortune for their services.

Most product vendors are not in a position to hire a top copywriter, and therefore have two other options available. They can hire a cheaper less skilled writer, or do the job themselves.

Many excellent and effective sales letters are often the combined result of both of these options – a copywriter will be able to write you a good basic sales template, and you can fill the areas of describing the benefits of your product in yourself, as after all, nobody knows the great advantages of owning your product quite as well as you!

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