Questions to Consider Before You Write a Press Release

Writing press releases is a great way to get you site noticed by search engines and visitors alike. However there are a few questions you should consider before writing your press release, here we look at some of the most common ones.

Should my press release inform readers about the benefits of my product?

Unlike a promotional article or sales letter, a press release should provide only the necessary details to members of the media with the basic information they need to develop a newsworthy story.

Can I Submit Some Articles I have had Written to Press Release Sites?

It is definitely not recommended, a press release should be written to a unique format that is quite different to a general article.

So Should I write the Press Release as a Story?

No that is the job of the reporters. Just make sure the first three paragraphs are interesting enough to hold attention, the rest of the press release should be basic facts and contact information.

Remember, even if your press release is not interesting enough to be picked up by media professionals, it is still a very worthwhile method of promotion, as submitting to just 10 News Release directories can result in thousands of valuable high authority backlinks – the content on PR sites is often syndicated by other sites and blogs.

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