When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?

When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts? This question is actually case dependent. Before we attempt to answer it, there are some factors that have to be considered. First and foremost, the timing has a lot to do with your target audience. Essentially a proper study of the demographic profile of your target readers will give a lot of insight into what time to choose to post the blog. For instance, if your audience comprises of college students i.e. if your intention is to create a sense of urgency for students to buy tickets for a rock concert, the best time would be sometime in the weekend. People check blog posts for information regarding shows, concerts and events because weekend is the perfect time to indulge in entertainment. That said, if your rock concert is scheduled to take place this weekend, the blog post should have gone live last weekend.

Similarly the timing also depends on the subject matter of your blog. For example if your blog is like your personal journal, chances are your target audience would like to go through it either early in the mornings or late at nights because in between they will be busy with their own schedule. It therefore makes sense if you time your blog posts to go live in any one of the time slots mentioned above. Another case where the time depends on subject matter is when your blog post is expected to be thought provoking, something that will make your reader stop and take notice – in short, content that has a lot to do with exercising one’s grey cells. Then, the timing should be somewhere in the mid week and the reason is once your reader goes through the post, he or she would need time to react. So, if they stumble upon your post sometime during the week, they will comment on your post towards the weekend when they have the time to think and write.

There is no one particular hour or particular day of the week that every blogger should target. Perfect timing has a lot to do with the why, what and how of blogging.

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